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PSR is Brazilian-based consulting company providing technological solutions and consulting services in the areas of power and natural gas since 1987.

PSR has clients in more than sixty countries in Latin America, North America, Europe and Asia Pacific, including gas & power investors; regulators and other government agencies; dispatch centers / ISO's; banks and development agencies such as the World Bank and IADB.


The ChemVision Consultoria e Assessoria Empresarial is a Brazilian consulting company providing consulting and business advising services, acting in the fields of Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Oil & Natural Gas, focused in raw-materials, market intelligence and competitiveness, under the Extended Production Chain concept. Chemvision is led by Manuel Quintela and Carlos Lopes, which have more than 30 years of technical and business experience in these industrial segments.

Infrastructure Economic Consulting is a US-based consulting firm which provides advisory services on economic, regulatory, strategic, and business/financial matters and expert support in international disputes to private investors, multilateral organizations and governments around the world. IEC is led by Carlos Pabon-Agudelo, a regulatory economist with extensive experience providing policy analysis, advice, and international arbitration support to energy and other infrastructure-related clients in Latin America and around the world. 

Energy Narrative is a research and consulting group operating from Cambridge, MA. Led by Jed Bailey, Energy Narrative helps clients understand and act on the trends and entities that shape energy markets across the Americas. With expertise spanning the energy value chain and a hemispheric perspective, Energy Narrative connects the US energy revolution with Latin America’s rapidly changing energy landscape, helping clients identify opportunities and mitigate risks. Energy Narrative has recently launched a member-driven research service focused on Mexico.

Athena Conseil en Energie et Industrie is a consulting firm based in Paris, France, specializing in the energy and heavy-industry sectors. Founded by Franck Avedissian, and supported by four consultants, the firm is reputed for its tailored strategic and operational engagements to clients in these areas, performing strategic reviews, regulatory analyses, marketing studies and change management. In energy, Athena Conseil works in the gas, electricity and renewable fields and operates mostly in Europe and Africa. The company is a member of the French Renewables Association and of the International Association of Energy Economists.

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